Neurofeedback sensors
Neurofeedback sensors

We offer intake and assessment for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback training.

The first step is discussing your goals and/or symptoms.

We also ask you to fill out a questionnaire. Parents and teachers may complete a questionnaire for children. Children aged 11 and older may fill out the questionnaire themselves as well.

The second step is a Neurofeedback and/or Biofeedback assessment.

In Neurofeedback we measure the electrical activity of the brain, also called brainwaves. Brainwaves can be slow, medium or fast. The assessment determines where in the brain the brainwaves are out of balance (e.g. the brain is working too slow or too fast).

In Biofeedback we assess the functioning of the autonomic nervous system by measuring the Heart Rate Variability. During the assessment we will ask you to breathe at various breath rates. This assessment determines which breath rate is most efficient.

The combination of both the intake and assessment allows us to develop an individual training protocol. This states on which location of the brain training should take place and which brainwaves should be influenced (Neurofeedback) or at which breath rate breathing should be practiced (Biofeedback).

Please note that an assessment does not commit you to proceed with any form of training.

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